A network of coordinators has been set up in five regions of Latvia. The main task of the coordinators is to prepare a personalized offer of information in accordance with the interests and needs of the potential remigrant and support them in their return to Latvia after a long absence, in their engagement in the local community and the labour market.

What information can the coordinator offer? Information on:

  • services for families with children,
  • business and employment opportunities,
  • housing offers,
  • other municipal services.

Several project managers cooperate closely with the regional coordinators. One of their main tasks is to address residents of their municipality currently living abroad and offer support for their return to Latvia. Upon the initiative of the “Centre for Demographic Affairs”, support for local level remigration project managers in 2018 is provided in Daugavpils city, Dobele municipality, Gulbene municipality, Rundale municipality, Ozolnieki municipality, Saldus municipality, Skrunda municipality, Smiltene municipality, Tukums municipality un Vecumnieki municipality."ten pilot municipalities in Latvia".

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Kristine Smilga

Before her work as a Remigration Coordinator, Kristine spent eight years working for the Scandinavian information technology company “Tieto Latvia” where she managed the team that coordinated the development of employees’ competencies and advancement activity, and was also responsible for the company’s internal employee training to improve their skills. Therefore, the aspect of people’s personal development is especially for Kristine in her work as a remigration coordinator. The Kurzeme remigration coordinator Kristine is aware of the potential questions one might have related to returning home since she has experience of working and studying abroad herself.

Project managers
Saldus municipality
Dzineta Rubule
Skrunda municipality
Rudite Sileniece
Edgars Janis Paulovics

For ten years, Edgars has been working in the educational system and the implementation of youth policy in various municipalities. He has communicated and cooperated with migrants and refugees in international projects in Europe and Asia. Edgars has lived abroad in different countries and has mastered several languages. Whilst living abroad, Edgars never considered the idea of leaving Latvia forever. “I think I can contribute to the society the most by doing a fair job in Latvia,” says Edgars.

Project managers
Rundale municipality
Santa Svagere
Ozolnieki municipality
Laila Steinberga
Vecumnieki municipality
Dace Sileika
Dobele municipality
Liga Ile
Astrida Lescinska

Astrida has experience with working abroad, therefore the issues facing remigrants are not unfamiliar to her. Together with her partners, the Latgale regional coordinator helps remigrants to settle into Latgale by looking for the most suitable employment and most appropriate place for living as well as the nearest educational institution for children. During the pilot project, Astrida has met with representatives of the Latgale Planning Region as well as state institution and the “Safe Home” society representatives which have had experience in dealing with remigrants in order to find answers and to combine their efforts in organizing support for remigrants. Astrid invites: “Get in touch with me – we will consider your opportunities to return to Latgale together!”

Ramona Liepina-Krauja

Ramona has been working with diaspora children in summer camps in Latvia since 2013 and has a degree in education. Despite the fact that she only spent ten years working at a school, during this time she also organized and lead various camps for young people – work that Ramona is still doing today, twenty years later. Children from Latvian families from different countries meet at the camps. Most often, parents send their children off to Latvia to develop their Latvian language skills and to explore Latvian nature and history. Ramona believes: “I am convinced that a Latvian mush live in Latvia because only here you will find the most beautiful meadows, the swiftest rivers and your beloved home!”

Ija Groza

Ija’s previous professional experience is related to administrative, customer service and culture fields in municipalities. This experience, combined with Ida’s empathy, allows her to understand people, listen and delve into problematic issues people may face in order to find the best possible solutions for different situations. Ija has concluded: “I treat people the way I would like to be treated. Each message from a Latvian living abroad about the desire and thought to return to Latvia, to come home, brings me joy. Home is all that we know and love, what is close and unforgettable.”

Project managers
Gulbene municipality
Liena Kazaka
Smiltene municipality
Inga Kovala