A network of coordinators has been set up in five regions of Latvia. The main task of the coordinators is to prepare a personalized offer of information in accordance with the interests and needs of the potential remigrant and support them in their return to Latvia after a long absence, in their engagement in the local community and the labour market.

What information can the coordinator offer? Information on:

  • services for families with children,
  • business and employment opportunities,
  • housing offers,
  • other municipal and state services.

Several project managers cooperate closely with the regional coordinators. One of their main tasks is to address residents of their municipality currently living abroad and offer support for their return to Latvia. Upon the initiative of the “Centre for Demographic Affairs”, support for local level remigration project managers in 2018 is provided in Daugavpils city, Dobele municipality, Gulbene municipality, Rundale municipality, Ozolnieki municipality, Saldus municipality, Skrunda municipality, Smiltene municipality, Tukums municipality un Vecumnieki municipality."ten pilot municipalities in Latvia".

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Agnese Berģe

Agnese has experience in managing various projects, providing her with a broad perspective and the ability to delve into diverse issues. Prior to joining the Kurzeme Planning Region, she led European fund projects at the State Employment Agency, assisting young people in gaining opportunities to accumulate work experience. The obtained higher education in psychology helps Agnese develop internal resources, skills, and discover paths to overcome various difficulties and make changes in situations or within oneself. These skills are also beneficial in her role as a Regional remigration coordinator. Agnese provides support to anyone planning to return to Kurzeme - as contrasting as the skirts of Nīca, as diverse as the hills of Talsi, and as changeable as the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Agnese Bokta

Agnes has a background in food production, so she is no stranger to physically demanding and hard work. Working in the pharmaceutical industry in customer service has taught her to treat each person as an individual with their own wants and needs, and to develop the communication skills that are key to many successes. Agnese has developed her planning, coordination and organisation skills, which are essential for a Remigration Coordinator in her daily work. "Every change is a leap out of the comfort zone for everyone, leaving the familiar environment included. If you are considering returning to Latvia - Zemgale region, contact me and together we will take the first steps to understand what it takes to make this happen. It will be easier for you to put everything in order, make an informed decision and get support along the way," says Agnese.

Ruta Priede

Ruta has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and has acquired the skills to take special care of people's well-being and create positive emotions. "Returning home after an absence is a very serious step for everyone, so I will help with a great sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to plan the return successfully, because the experience gained in business shows that you need to think a few steps ahead and foresee the future a little in order to get the most extensive, useful information. Each person's destiny is unique, but acting as a team, we will definitely create a solution so that Latgale will once again be the best place in the world for you, where you can enjoy being with your family, where you can see opportunities and inspiration for growth and where you can feel truly happy!"

Daina Šulca

Daina has work experience in journalism and marketing project management in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, which has given her the opportunity to understand the mentalities, cultures and traditions of other nations. Education in journalism, international relations and social sciences was obtained at the University of Latvia. Daina has returned to Latvia from Denmark and knows life and work in emigration, where she managed and coordinated partnership projects for Latvian and Danish entrepreneurs. Daina has been working with the application of state administration services in various life situations, including solving remigration issues. Daina says: “Remigration is a story about people's lives. No matter how tempting the material opportunities in other countries may seem, Latvia is and will remain the native land for the rest of my life, which will always give strength and faith in oneself."

Inga Madžule

"In the spring of 2014, after 20 years of absence, I returned to my hometown, Cēsis. I aim to inspire other compatriots living abroad through my example. Don't be afraid—dare! As a Remigration Coordinator, my goal is to assist Latvians in emigration to come back home. I strive to find an individualized approach and solution for each person, supporting them to the best of my ability. I understand that many Latvians desire to return home. Fear, ignorance, and lack of information often hold us back, causing hesitation. However, it's never too late to make this decisive decision. I eagerly await your cooperation!" says Inga Madžule.